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Bury Mia talks with our favorite Denver area local bands to get the dirt on the music, upcoming events and all the questions you've always wanted to ask.



Band Members

Nathan Horodysky: Drums

Nate Alcon a.k.a. Kellogs: Bass and Back-up vocals

Don Bradshaw: Lead Guitar and Back-up Vocals

Sean Sabetti: Guitar and Vocals

Q & A


Q: What bands currently inspire you? For those new to your band, how would you describe your sound?

Sean: Currently, I would have to say, No Use for a Name. Also NOFX and other bands like the Bloodhound Gang, Blink 182, and anyone else who goes up on stage and fucks around, not taking it too seriously, and just has fun. There's something really attractive about not trying too hard and having fun. I've always loved that about those bands. I've always had a serious inability to take anything too seriously. Our sound….definitely more Pop Punk or 90's Skate Punk. We try to be very melodic yet high energy. We want people to come to hear our music and feel happy and have fun.

Don: MxPx, Lifetime, Hall & Oates. Sound…Screeching Weasel having sex with Fat Wreck Chords

Kellogs: I'm a metal dude so my inspirations are mostly Metalcore like August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, and Architects. As for punk I'm a fan of Offspring, and Sum 41. I feel like our sound is more of a pop punk nature or like melodic punk. Either way it's catchy.
Nate: My current inspiration is Kanye West.


Bury Mia: Really diverse, we want more Kanye West and Bloodhound Gang covers from you guys.



Q: For someone that’s never listened to your band before, what’s the best song to start with?

Kellogs: Well, Rough Sex is a good song to understand our humor and our conversations amongst each other. But as for the band and the musical direction we are going I'd say Apathy is your huckleberry.

Sean: Yeah, probably Rough Sex. It’s catchy and people seem to really like that one. My personal favorite is Bottled Up. It's a song that's personal to me but, might not be the best intro to our band.



Q: What projects were each band member in before this one? How did this band get started?


Sean: I haven't been in bands per se. I had a group of friends when I was first starting out but we never had a drummer. We just kind of fucked around and got fucked up while playing music. I've definitely jammed with a lot of musicians though of all different styles.

How did we start? I just wanted to play with some people and fuck around. Wanted to express my sense of humor in song form. I knew Nate from work. He said he played drums so I forced him to come start a band with me. He was a bit reluctant at first but, we've been playing together since Jailpocket started in May 2017. Don responded to a Craigslist ad I put out. I really liked the way he played. His taste in music and the sound is very similar to my own. He joined the band in August of 2018 after Kellogs quit. He was our original guitar player. Don came in and our old bass player, Chad, moved to Maryland. Kellogs contacted me shortly after leaving and wanted to come back. He loves playing bass, so it worked out really well. I love these guys!

Kellogs: I've been in a couple bands just having fun. I guess the big one I was in back in Pueblo was called Stolen Format. We opened for Smile Empty Soul and Gemini Syndrome and played hard rock. It was fun I miss those times. I found Sean when I posted something on Facebook looking for a band and a friend suggested I contact Sean.

Sean: Yeah, then he quit for a while. I contacted him on Christmas 2017 and asked him if he'd like to come back and play guitar again. At that point, his work schedule had changed and he joined us once again. He's now in the band once again for the third time.

Don: Thin Dark Line (emo) and Second Place (pop punk) <In Baltimore>



Q: What’s the origin of your band name?


Kellogs: If I remember correctly we were all trying to come up with a synonym for asshole.

Sean: (laughs) Not exactly. Nate had pulled out a big jar out of his backpack, everyone seemed to look at him and wondered where it came from. I said “He pulled it out of his Jailpocket!” We laughed about the word Jailpocket for a while and decided that would be the perfect band name. We all agreed and took a vote. 3 to 4 in favor. Nate hates it. I think he's kind of come around though. There was definitely some passive aggressive comments about it on his part though.

Bury Mia: Maybe next time Nate will think about carrying around oversized jars.



Q: Who writes your songs? Are there any repeated topics or themes in your songs?


Kellogs: Sean seems to write a lot about his affairs with his chickenheads.

Sean: it does seem that way. I never wanted to write songs whining about girls. I always wanted to just write stupid songs that were funny and melodic. I met a girl around the time we didn't turn out so well but, now we have a couple songs about me whining over a girl. (Fake gags and laughs) it is what it is.

I do write the majority of our songs and most of the lyrics. Don definitely writes a lot of the music. I get stuck on songs a lot. I'll write a riff or two with some leads over it but, can't figure out where to go with it. I bring them to Don and let him work his magic. I love Don's song structure. I provide some input on it but, it's mostly Don's doing oour newer stuff.


Bury Mia: Chickenheads? Does this mean girls? Or actual chickens?



Q: What do you do to prepare for a show? What has been your favorite show so far?


Kellogs: Usually an energy drink and a beer or two enough to loosen up. Of course we practice together the night before. I think our last show at Jordinelli's was our best because the crowd was really into the show.

Sean: Try not to think about it until we get on stage honestly. Keeps me from getting nervous. Since I don't drink anymore, it can be hard to loosen up before a show. I also drink some throat coat tea and drink some honey. Haha. It works. I try and make sure my vocals don't sound like shit. They're not the best to begin with and they can be pretty hit or miss sometimes so the more preparation the better.

I agree with Kellogs. Jordinelli's in Brighton. We had a lot of fun there. The crowd was into it and everyone was having a good time. We had a show April 28th of 2018 at a place, also in Brighton, called the Hangar. It was a small garage someone turned into a small venue. There were a lot of bands and a decent turnout. It was small and intimate. That was probably my personal favorite show.


Q: What are you currently working on? Any new albums, videos, shows or anything else that you’d like to talk about?


Kellogs: We are currently working on new songs and recording old ones but I think the new songs are our priority right now.

Sean: We're trying to get a couple songs recorded so we have more music available. Don and I are working on a few songs we've written or started and trying to get them ironed out. I'm excited to write some new stuff.

I'm also trying to get us a show lined up for every month. Currently have 3 in the works. We've got a couple shows lined up with you guys (Bury Mia) for June 15th at Jordinelli's where we're opening for you and a band called Swift, who I've heard is pretty good. Really looking forward to your album release show in July. More details to come later. Still working on the details with Swinging Noose Productions for a show in August at Trailside Saloon in Thornton. We've got some things coming up we're really excited for.

Bury Mia: Fuck yeah Bury Mia and Jailpocket forever!


Q: If your band was a Pokémon, which Pokémon would it be?


Kellogs: Definitely Psyduck

Sean: Definitely a Magikarp

Bury Mia: Still waiting to evolve huh Sean? You’ll be a bright blue Gyarados someday.



Q: You’re band is a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?


Kellogs: Dark brown like when you're dehydrated and take a dump. It would be called Stinkstar.

Sean: hahaha! Yeah. What Kellogs said.


Q: What is your spirit animal?


Nate: Snake is my spirit animal. Bee is my spirit insect

Kellogs: In all seriousness my spirit animal is the wolf.

Sean: I'd like to think it was something cool like a wolf or Coyote but, honestly, it's probably a squirrel. I'm always trying to bury my nuts and bounce around life like a moron. Or…..Andy Dwyer from Parks and recreation. Don's is a honey badger! Haha!



Q: What’s your drink of choice?


Kellogs: Jack and coke or just any type of beer.


Bury Mia: No cornflakes?


Q: What is the one topping that you would never put on a pizza?


Kellogs: Anchovies

Sean: yep. Definitely anchovies.

Q: What would be your least favorite song to do a cover of?


Kellogs: Baby Shark

Sean: 7 nation army. Fuck the White Stripes!

Q: If your band was a kitchen appliance, how many windows would the entire city of Seattle have?


Kellogs: I'd say 6 trouser snakes orbit Uranus.

Thanks for reading! Check in soon for more local band spotlights!


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