About Bury Mia

"Every song is different, and in every chord strike, in every drum beat."

-Colorado Punk Rock Army

“With a distinctly pop-punk sound, Denver four piece Bury Mia is right at home in the local scene. With explosive riffs and distinctively punk vocals, Bury Mia is hard to overlook and even harder to forget.”

- 303 Magazine


From an inception over breakfast burritos and nitro brew, the growth of Bury Mia has been rapid and steady. In just a few years the band has launched themselves from sweaty garage practices to packed and rowdy shows across the West Coast. As this 4-piece brotherhood of Punk has progressed through growing pains and extricated band members they’ve held a tight grip on their mission to assert their authenticity and musical lineage.


Frontman Justin O’Neal has supplied the band with an endless stream of catchy and somehow already-familiar Pop-Punk songs. As Bury Mia continues to gain recognition over the years, their sound has become tighter and instantly recognizable. Their most recent single ‘Better Off’, recorded at the Punk-famous Blasting Room Studios, has been a hit with the running and fitness community as an ‘emergency hype anthem’ to push through those last few miles or reps.


Within a few years, Bury Mia has already toured the West Coast in addition to embracing their local scene. They roam the local dives like Lions lair and Seventh Circle as well as iconic venues like The Marquis Theater. They’ve earned acknowledgements from publications including 303 Magazine, Don’t Start A Band, PRHP, Kill The Music, Colorado Punk Rock Army and are continuing to garner radio play this year.


“We believe that this music demands success. There's something special here, a reinvention of sorts, a familiarity but with a unique freshness unlike anything out there right now. It's not about claiming to be original. Originality is a myth. But this music is authentic.”


This group is passionate about their music which shows in every note. With no other goal besides issuing their hard-earned music into the world, they are going to get heard. Bury Mia has firmly planted a flag in the sound they’ve been dialing in from the beginning: It’s big, it’s loud, and it’s undeniably Punk.



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"With a distinctly pop-punk sound, Denver fourpiece Bury Mia is right at home in the local scene. With explosive riffs and distinctively punk vocals, Bury Mia is hard to overlook and even harder to forget."


Explosive melodies and pithy lyrics with dynamic melodies and songs that make your pants fly off.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.